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    Briely about us...

    Our manufacturing company was founded back in 1993. At the beginning the trade dealt with producing work clothes and from nine years back our basic program is the creation of sports clothing for hunting and fishing. We sell ​​the same in more than 40 stores specialized for hunting and fishing all across the Republic of Croatia but we also export one small part. In cooperation with the Croatian forests d.o.o. Zagreb we have produced a range of products designed and formulated for the needs of their employees. Since the Republic of Croatia has aprox. 50,000 hunters, who have only recently bought expensive imported clothes, our goal is to offer you a product that will be low priced to be competitive by the quality of imported goods ...

    High quality at the most affordable prices

    All our products are made from the finest materials that are currently available on the market, so you can regardless of weather conditions and circumstances feel more than comfortable in our clothes. Do not forget the stylish and eye catching designs that follows the world's current trends. With all that do not forget that we offer all our items at the best prices anywhere in the market.

    High quality at affordable prices? You certainly thought that You couldn't find that anywhere else ? Well, You just did ! Welcome to the Tailoring Trade Vesna Bubnjarci!

    About our products

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    • We offer you a large selection of clothing for hunting and fishing. It's also offering a huge selection of hunting pants, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, shooting vests, hats, hunting suits, etc.

    • Beside quality materials and modern design we offer you the ability to imprint the name of your company, organization or binding of a large number of different motifs and emblems.

    • We are located in the beautiful village Bubnjarci on the shore of the Kupa River at the border with the Republic of Slovenia. From the city of Karlovac takes you less than half an hour of drive.

    Tailoring Trade Vesna Bubnjarci

    Welcome to our web pages

    By now you have surely concluded what is our primary business, so to avoid repetition let us greet you and thank you for visiting our website. It's here for you ... Whether you're a hunter, angler, adventurer or just prefer to stay in the nature you are on the right place. If you've already found something for yourself, contact us and our professional staff will help you about the smallest details. Professionalism and high quality are trademarks that make us widely recognizible. So please browse our products...

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      Tailoring Trade Vesna Bubnjarci
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